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Obstetrics Nursing : Roles and Responsibilities of The Midwife

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Roles and responsibilities of the midwife.

[obstetrics nursing]

[obstetrics nursing] Midwife,By definition, a World Health Organization to mean “individuals who have been trained to care for councils women during pregnancy. during childbirth and after childbirth, can be born by normal duties, responsibilities and infant care was born. To know the warning signs of disorders that must be submitted on or provide emergency care without a doctor. Midwife to work in hospitals, health units or residential services and health education to families, communities all situations.

[obstetrics nursing] The role of the midwife responsible for providing care for infants is quite different with other branches of nursing, because only those that are intended to be a mother or a mother. Reduce or eliminate the problems of pregnancy or birth problems, both physical, physiological and psychological, to meet the needs of mothers, fathers and sons. The activities are structured and defined boundaries. Regarding maintaining the health, search for abnormalities in body and mind. As well as the disorders. Therefore, the role required of a midwife who will contribute to achieving these objectives. Midwife requires technical expertise, as a teacher, a consultant and direct service providers to cover all aspects.

Technical skills include.[obstetrics nursing]

- Health Assessment, the environment regarding comfort, and safety of patients and relatives. Role is to demonstrate the initiative to maintain margin. Recognize the value of time, energy, materials, equipment efficiency, reliability, and the importance of the supportive spirit of the pregnancy, the birth, give advice as a consultant. The duties of the midwife supervisors must act as a change in the behavior of others and will be ready to think of ways to help those who are in custody with no desire for knowledge is always to bring that knowledge to use in the decision process to see and support for the pregnancy or childbirth efficiently as possible.

- Midwife must have a deep knowledge about how to care for pregnant women. Normal delivery can help. Postpartum period to provide care to both mother and baby safe. To learn about anatomy, physiology of reproduction. Factors influencing the growth of the human infant from conception until birth. Besides knowledge about family planning. Can cooperate to coordinate with all health department personal. The delivery of care to pregnant taking into account the security and human dignity. Including the need to protect and care to maintain good health. Physical, emotional, and social Aware of the family structure influence various social behaviors and reproductive health who is responsible for raising children in the family.[obstetrics nursing]

Current trends of nursing mothers and infants midwife has expanded the scope to more spacious. Not only do only have to obtain service in the hospital or health facility Poyae only However, care must be removed to provide services in rural communities to help make pregnancy guide. And find abnormalities and complications that can occurs during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Forwarding and other related services. Therefore, the midwife should act play about

1. The role of education. Public acts, an orientation, an exhibition on teaching in pre-marital preparation. Practice during pregnancy, maternal health care infants. How to raise a valid demonstration of compliance as well as various basic knowledge of the pregnancy or during labor and postpartum mothers should know and do by themselves. Work is necessary and very important for nurses to do is. Opportunities for intervention and health care to pregnant women, relatives and the public, providing information about health care. Eating helpful, parenting, children and family members are correct, and is committed to knowledge transfer instruction training staff and colleagues at the same level, and secondary, cared about helping pregnant women during pregnancy, period childbirth and postpartum. Including the dissemination of knowledge to the public through the medium with. [obstetrics nursing]

2. The role of providing services to pregnant women and childbirth safely and thoroughly. The motivation for the pregnant women benefit from services to meet health service by giving him birth safely in hospital. Physical examination, pregnancy complications, to search for, screening for patients being treated properly in hospitals, health centers, health centers known to use. To monitor the health of mothers and infants postpartum period. Assigned to relatives and neighbors who are close involvement in the Dar and infant health care.

3. The role of family planning. Midwife must have a role to think about.[obstetrics nursing]

3.1 as a good incentive. This motivation to learn both theory and practicable character. To speak and express a very important part.

3.2 is good communication. Is to educate various public services accurately and clearly with the right approach.

3.3 as a good family planning. Need to study thoroughly all aspects of family problems, to collect information from listening, observing This makes the known problems and needs of the family. [obstetrics nursing]

3.4 as a well coordinated. Cooperation and coordination work with other health care team. Both inside and outside the agency. To provide operational flexibility and efficiency.

3.5 is the best advice. A guide for individuals to see the real problem and agree to the decision the way to solve problems on their own. The midwife who for various reasons explain the basis for consideration.

3.6 Communication is good. Maternal infant health care. Staff consists of several parties, especially in the provinces with district-level officials, district and village level. Nursing supervision must follow to make this work in both quantity and quality.

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