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Obstetrics Nursing: History of Family Planning

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History of family planning. [Obstetrics Nursing]

[Obstetrics Nursing] Family planning is that a spouse can be set to have their children have the satisfaction to the number and frequency far as appropriate in both economy and environment of the individual to achieve the living child was eating well can efficiently and to promote the health of mothers and children to determine how many people or the duration of the child is done by prevention of fertilization. Also known as Birth control, Dontraception. Besides family planning, including planning, sex selection of children and problems of infertility to have children was satisfying. [Obstetrics Nursing]

The family and the child are human nature. But when the man has increased little in the society to the larger social context and the population density increased. Monitoring the population problem. AD about a world population of 250-300 million people per year in population growth, 1650 is 500-600 million people will see that population growth is about two times by 1600 over the years. . and then one half or more times in about 50-80 years. However, due to the advancement of humanity shifted from agriculture to industry in developed countries. Clinical and consequently reduce the growth rate of death of man. In other words, slow down and die at the rate the same or more. If the population growth, more and more people to live in what conditions.

The importance and danger of population growth and protect it since prehistoric times. There is evidence to confirm this in E. Yee year post when 4,000 years ago in India since 1600 has birth year ago in China, the evidence appears in this issue on 1300 years ago.[Obstetrics Nursing]

The aim of family planning. [Obstetrics Nursing]

1. To avoid pregnancy is strong.
2. To be pregnant when the desire to have
3. Spaced appropriately pregnancy.
4. To have children while their parents are the appropriate age and health.
5. To have the appropriate number of children.

Scope of family planning is very extensive. The goals and services should be provided to achieve the following goals. [Obstetrics Nursing]

1. Provide education and councils on family planning.
2. Contraceptive services.
3. Treatment of Infertility.
4. To teach sex education and family life.
5. To other services with like
- Consultation on genetic diseases, and premarital councils.
- The availability and improve adoption.
- Check for cancer of the reproductive period of women in the beginning.

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