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How to Earn an Online Nursing Degree

How to Earn an Online Nursing Degree Online nursing schools offer an alternative that can be both more accessible and more economical for your needs than having to physically attend a traditional nursing school. They can be especially useful if you still need to work while studying, if you're incapacitated for any reason, or if you live in a remote location. Although there are clinical and laboratory components to all nurse training programs that must be completed at a real-world facility, most basic coursework can be completed at home over the Internet and for some courses. This article will Read more [....]

Nursing School Online – What You Should Know Before Starting Online Nursing Courses

All around the Internet there are websites that advertise online nursing schools, but for the student who has sat down to find a nursing school online the options may not seem as wide as the ads will have you to believe. This leaves many people to question whether online nursing courses are effective in providing an education. The answer is yes there are nursing courses online and schools that are effective in training you to be both an LPN or an RN but you have to know where to look and focus on schools you recognize. For example, Kaplan and Phoenix online schools both offer online nursing Read more [....]

Nursing School Logic

Only in this country does the following logic make sense: We have a shortage of nurses across the country. Health care needs vastly outweigh the supply. As the baby boomers enter their golden ages and require greater care, there is a severe shortage of individuals to provide the care. At the same time, there are long wait lists to enter BSN programs all over the country (sometimes numbering in the years). So we complain about the lack of nursing professionals, but we also ignore the means to produce them, how does that make sense? There is only one way to produce a nurse - nursing school. It Read more [....]

A Nursing School Education Is The First Step Toward A Great Career

In the present world economic condition, more and more people find themselves out of a job. With unemployment expected to hover near double digits, this situation is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. So what's the solution? Find a career that offers good pay and job stability even during a recession. A nursing school education offers just that-a career in nursing, which will insure that you will never be stuck looking for work. To enter the nursing field, there are generally 3 paths you can take. You can come in as a CNA (certified nursing assistant), an LPN (Licensed Practical Read more [....]

Top Ten Schools of Nursing, 2010

Nowadays, nursing remains one of the few jobs that are still in great demand. Even during the Great Recession, the number of new nursing students is amazing. If you think you want to go to nursing school, this article will list the best college and university nursing programs for 2010-2011. If you are not near one of these great schools, we will also list the best online programs for your consideration. Located in historic Charlottesville, Virginia, the University of Virginia, or "UVA" is one of the nation's top nursing schools. UVA has a very strong nursing program with many of the desired Read more [....]

The John Hopkins School of Nursing

The John Hopkins School of Nursing is renowned for being ranked 2nd by the US News and World Report for their Community Health Nursing Programs and 6th for their superior Graduate Programs. The school's excellence in the academics, and research and practice produce competitive students/alumni 95% of which baccalaureate graduates pass the NCLEX the first time taken, while also being a home to country's very first Peace Corps Fellows Program in nursing. The faculty of the John Hopkins School of Nursing itself displays the school's credibility having 49% of their ranked faculty as Fellows in the Read more [....]

Nursing Schools in Iligan City

Nursing has been the course of choice for most Filipinos nowadays especially in Iligan City where the hopes of going overseas has always been the goal. Ever since the nursing course boom, which happened a few years back, nursing schools have been popping about in almost all places in the Philippines. The nursing schools in Iligan City not only give quality education, but can definitely produce qualified and competent nurses. An Overview of All Nursing Schools in Iligan City Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital-College of Medical Arts Foundation Incorporated Also known as MSH-CMAFI, this Read more [....]

Introduction – Surviving Nursing School

The recession of 2008 caused a lot of people to rethink their professional path. And with the aging population of the Baby Boomer generation, a lot of people started to think seriously about getting degrees in the healthcare profession. At the top of the list of healthcare professions, most people were interested in pursuing was a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Nursing is an honorable and great profession. But getting through Nursing School is no easy task. But once you are done, the job is probably the most rewarding experience you will ever have in your lifetime. Saving lives and helping Read more [....]